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Top 2009 Halloween Costume Ideas – What Will People Be Wearing This Year?

With the Halloween party on most peoples agenda in the next few weeks, finding a costume might be posing a problem for you. Here are some of the top 2009 Halloween costume ideas that may help you make your mind up.

In truth, most people go for the same thing in a costume at Halloween. The traditional favorites fit into three categories.

The first are scary costumes. Things like Vampire, Witch, zombie and devil costumes will always be popular because scaring or being scary is half the point when it comes to Halloween.

Other people want to be sexy or attract attention. They can do this with a combination of their personality and a knock out costume. They might go for a nurse outfit, wench, fairy, angel or princess costumes. These costumes will range from looking elegant to giving the wearer a chance to flaunt themselves. Again this depends on how much attention the person wants and if their personality fits that sort of role.

If you could not scare your way out of a paper bag and feel a bit silly being “sexy” then it is better to see the funny side of Halloween. So the third type of costume are joke costumes. There are all sorts of funny outfits to wear but as comedy is fairly subjective it also needs to be broken down.

Simple sight gag costumes, like a hot dog costume might be your cup of tea. You might prefer ironic and go in the plug and socket couples costume. Or even sarcastic costumes can work. For instance, come dressed as Octomom.

Other popular costumes this year will be topical costumes – things in the public domain within the past few months to a year. Go as Barack Obama. Go as a character out of recently released movies. Gi Joe and Transformers spring to mind. The publicity for the new Harry Potter movie is building so this will also be a popular choice. Twilight costumes should also be popular too. The impending release of Tim Burton’s vision of Alice in Wonderland may also encourage people to wear Alice, Madder Hatter, Cheshire Cat or Queen of Hearts costumes.

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Author: nlyforfun

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